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Our company seeks to file a claim with the insurance company to obtain compensation in the event of loss, catastrophic event or damage. Sometimes insurance companies do not want to pay the fair price for you to repair your home or premises, for this reason, our advisors defend your rights and work to achieve the best compensation for our clients.

Disasters caused by problems with water in homes, offices and other types of establishments are the most common in the United States. Since they can occur due to different situations such as: the rupture of a pipe, a crack in a pipe, heavy rains causing problems on the roof and/or in the basements, hurricanes, activation of fire sprinklers, among others.

Fire is considered as the combustion with flames of large proportions that develops withoutcontrol, which may occur instantaneously or gradually, and may cause material damage, interruption of production processes, loss of human lives and environmental damage.

The risk of fire is one of the most common risks in homes. Under the fire insurance coverage purchased in your policy, the insurance company must indemnify the policyholder for the damages caused by a fire. It is important to know the limits established in the Law and in the policy verbiage to avoid losing everything. The claims made to the insurance company are made when the damages caused by the fire are due to an act of God, conflagration caused by third parties or carelessness. The insurance companies do not indemnify the damages when the fire was caused by malice on the part of the insured.

In case the insurance company does not want to extend the contracted coverages, at TPC Consultants we carefully study your claim and the estimation of the losses and damages.

Mold spores grow in places where there is excessive moisture, such as roof leaks, pipes, walls or flowerpots, or where there has been a flood. Many building materials provide the right nutrients to stimulate mold growth. Mold can cause serious health problems. Inhaling or touching mold/mold spores can cause allergic reactions, fungal infections, and asthma attacks.

Some symptoms associated with mold are:

  • Eye irritation causing burning, tearing, and redness.
  • Lethargy.
  • Exposure to toxic substances produced by some kinds of molds.
  • Nasal or sinus congestion, flu and dry cough, dizziness, nervous system problems including headaches, memory loss and mood swings.
  • Irritation of the nose or throat
  • Breathing problems, wheezing and asthma attacks.
  • Skin irritation, rashes, or hives.

Insurance policies usually cover damage due to vandalism, theft, and burglary. It is considered damage caused by a third party.

Insurance company agents overpromise, and when damage is suffered due to theft, delays and injustices in reimbursements or coverage worsen the situation, leaving people defenseless and vulnerable. TPC Consultants will defend your interests. We have all the experience, knowledge, and skills to adjust your claim fairly.

Strong winds are a big problem for homes and offices. When structures face high-speed winds, they can suffer damage that compromises the safety of the building, they can even lose parts.

Hurricanes are extreme weather events. They are usually accompanied by strong waves. They affect the structures of homes and offices, destroying roofs and walls, and affecting properties due to the impact of elements thrown by strong winds. Hurricane winds range from 74 mph to 157 mph.

Storms are meteorological phenomena associated with precipitation, electrical discharges and strong winds. They are considered violent phenomena given the amount of energy they are capable of unleashing in a short time. Storms are a great danger for the structures of houses and offices.

Hail is a type of solid precipitation, it falls in the form of balls or lumps, in sizes ranging from 0.19 to 1.96 inches in diameter. They fall with great force and are capable of strongly affecting the structure of the roofs of houses and offices, even perforating them.

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